Accelerate ideas
of tomorrow!
TurboStarter is a new multi-chain LaunchPad
that provides a one-stop solution for innovative projects
wanting to launch on all major blockchains.
Core Features
Lower Participation Barrier
Without the need to move assets between blockchains, users can participate in Multi-chain project launch activities with mainstream tokens/coins.
Fairer distribution of tokens
Allocation is based on the amount and duration of a user's staking history, with a lottery mechanism in place to prevent whales and scientists from disrupting the market.
Secure and compliant
The TurboStarter platform includes a KYC module to ensure that projects and token sale participants have passed a rigorous KYC process.
Fast-track to CEX Offering
TurboStarter's partnerships with major exchanges allow innovative projects on the platform to gain more exposure and access to fast-track opportunities.
Product Architecture
Ecosystem Partners